Reopening of Entrance #5 and Parking Lot Access on de la Carrière Boulevard

Great news! Work on the parking lot is progressing well! Entrance #5 is now accessible again and we have been able to reopen a portion of the parking lot for your use. The access from de la Carrière Boulevard is open again.

Pedestrians and STO users will now be able to access the shopping centre more easily, without having to do a detour!  

Please note that for an indeterminate period of time, entrance #6 (near Éconofitness) remains closed to customers and pedestrians, including the access via Montclair Boule-vard. Éconofitness members are encouraged to park near entrance #5 (access via de la Carrière Boulevard). After hours, members will be required to show proof of mem-bership to an agent in order to enter through entrance #5.