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About Us

Les Galeries de Hull is a community-focused urban shopping centre located on one of the busiest arteries in the greater Outaouais region, next to Casino Lac-Leamy.

With 304,180 square feet of leasing space, Les Galeries de Hull offers its clientele an 80 boutiques fashion circuit, in a shopping friendly and relaxing environment. On top of the restaurant area with its wide selection of food counters and tasty food options, visitors are given access to many convenient services including free Internet and complimentary computer access in the WiFi Lounge.

Thanks to its many assets, Les Galeries de Hull is a choice gathering point for the community, for its faithful clientele as well as for the local workers who find in the centre an ideal break time destination.

Charities and non-profit groups

Les Galeries de Hull is proud to partner with various community-based organizations in its area, whether the partnership takes the shape of dollars donated or space made available in the mall so that groups may raise funds or awareness for worthwhile causes. Since January 2010, over 25 non-profit or charity groups have benefitted from our donations or taken advantage of free space made available to them in the centre:

If you represent a charity, community or non-profit organization, please submit your request to:

Les Galeries de Hull

Administration Office

320, St-Joseph blvd.

Gatineau, (Quebec)

Canada, J8Y 3Y8

or, by email :


Les Galeries de Hull strongly believes in the importance of sustainable development and of responsible building management. We recognize the significance of environmental principles and we are committed to take them into account in our management and supplying related decisions. All of the members of our organization are aware of the environmental issues at hand and each and every one of us strives to apply the guiding principles of sustainable development in our daily functions.

To that end, we have implemented a composting and waste management system that we are pleased to announce, after an intensive period of training and familiarizing tenants, employees, and clients, has exceeded our greatest expectations. We now divert more than 70% of our waste from landfills, which means that we will all have worked together to divert more than 270 tons of waste from landfills, annually!

The centre’s environmental initiatives can be categorized into 3 main streams: public awareness and participation, tenant awareness and participation and shopping centre operational efficiencies.

Public awareness and participation

  •  Increase the green physical resources at clients' disposal, namely with visible and accessible recycling bins
  •  Access to reusable shopping bags
  •  Collection of used batteries at the customer service's desk

Tenant awareness and participation

  •  Implement a knowledge-growth program to encourage tenants to learn about recycling and green habits
  •  Increase the green physical resources at tenants' disposal

Shopping centre operational efficiencies
Les Galeries de Hull has received BOMA (Building Environmental Standards), ICI on Recycle and RECYC-QUÉBEC - Level 3 certifications for the following initiatives:

  •  Reduced energy consumption
  •  Reduced water consumption
  •  Waste management of construction material
  •  Recycling
  •  Waste management of hazardous products
  •  Use of health-conscious materials
  •  Reduction of Ozone weakening substances
  •  Surveillance of interior air quality
  •  Maintenance of HVAC systems

These certifications recognize that our centre conforms to sound environmental building management practices, but they also motivate us to advance our methods even further.

A Cominar property

Les Galeries de Hull is owned and managed by Cominar Real Estate Investment Trust. Cominar is one of the largest diversified real estate investment funds in Canada and remains, to this day, the largest commercial property owner in Quebec.

Would you like to know more? Visit the Cominar website.

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