New Essentials That Resonate With You

The revitalization of the centre is well underway! As you may have noticed, a wind of change has been blowing through the Galeries de Hull for some time. The south wing on the Montclair Boulevard side has been completely renovated, where we are pleased to welcome several new essentials.

Carole Brouard Dance Workshop – Your Art Essential 

Now Open – Level 1

The Carole Brouard Dance Workshop, the most renowned dance school in the region, offers recreational and competitive dance classes for children, teenagers and adults, in all levels from beginner to advanced.  

L’Aubainerie – Your Family Essential 

Now open – Level 1

L’Aubainerie offers a selection of great-looking, affordable apparel for women, men, teens, children, and babies. You’ll find apparel for every occasion and a variety of accessories.

Éconofitness – Your Active Life Essential 

Coming Soon — Fall 2021 – Level 1

Éconofitness, the largest network of low-cost self-service gyms in Quebec, offers quality equipment, a friendly and respectful atmosphere, and various affordable memberships suited to your needs.

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