Gift Guide — For Children

Are you looking to spoil your children, nephews, nieces, or grandchildren who have been particularly well-behaved this year? Here are some gift ideas, directly from the North Pole, that will please everyone, from toddlers to tweens... and their parents!

For babies, 0-18 Months

Relaxing Toys – Pharmaprix

Bath Products – Pharmaprix

Pacifier – Pharmaprix

Pyjamas – Aubainerie

Wool Blanket – Aubainerie

Bols and Cutlery For First Meals - Pharmaprix

For Kids Aged 18 months to 3 Years

Toys For The Bath  – Pharmaprix

Bath Towel - Aubainerie

Inclusif Books – Pharmaprix

Crayola Crayons – Pharmaprix

Playdough Set – Pharmaprix

For Kids Aged 3-5 Years

Boy clothes - Aubainerie

Girl clothes - Aubainerie

For Kids Aged 6-9 Years

Monopoly Board game - Sunrise Records

Anti-stress Sensory Games - Ardène

Backpack – Ardène

Hair Accessories – Ardène

For Tweens Aged 10-13 Years

Video Game - Game Builder Garage (Nintendo Switch) - Game Stop

Harry Potter Game - Sunrise Records

Board Game  - Connect 4 - Sunrise Records

Fitbit Smart Watch for Kids – La Source

Headphones - La Source

Running Shoes  – Footlocker

Journal – Pharmaprix

Insta Mini 11 Set - La Source

Turntable - La Source