Thoughtful Gifts for Mother’s Day

Being a mother is quite an adventure! On May 14, let's honour our beloved mothers by treating them to something special. To inspire you, here are some thoughtful gift ideas for all types of moms!

For new moms… time is the greatest gift

Taking care of babies and young children is a lot of work! To offer something that will really delight new mothers, jump into solution mode and offer them... time! 

Gifts like a stylish diaper bag, a mom and baby yoga session, or an all-in-one hair styling tool are great options for treating young moms. Since what we're trying to do is make their lives easier, let’s go a step further and fill the diaper bag with diapers, and include a chauffeur service for the yoga session. In other words, take care of everything so mom can relax and enjoy. 

If you'd rather offer something homemade, "one-handed" meals can really brighten up her day. Wrap sandwiches, crudités or diced fruit in easy to open one-handed containers (test them in the store!) are great ideas to give her some peace of mind. She'll be able to eat healthy while taking care of Baby. 

Lastly, a personalized gift basket filled with little treats such as bath bombs, candles, and bamboo pajamas combined with an offer to take charge of the kids outside of the house will allow the new mom to enjoy some peace and quiet in the comfort of her home.

Teenager mom? Customize it!

Kids are older? Find ways to give Mom a break from the daily grind by adding a custom touch to your packaged gifts. 

You could choose noise-cancelling headphones with a playlist crafted just for her, or a cookbook from a place she dreams to visit along with a cake from that region. A stationery set presented with a loving letter, or a fluffy blanket combined with a book specially selected for her would be just as lovely. 

For something a little bit more luxurious, gift her with a night at a hotel combined with a relaxing massage. She'll be able to enjoy some well-deserved me-time. (Remember to include a satin sleep mask in her card!)

Don’t forget your dear grandmother

Don't forget Nana... she has seen it all! On Mother's Day, let's spend time with our grandmothers to learn something new and dive into their memories. 

Whether it's going out to brunch or to the theatre, enjoying time together is certainly one of the best ways to celebrate the day. If you're looking to offer her something that will continue to provide great moments, why not gift her a season pass to one of her favorite places? You'll be sure to spend more time together! 

Creating a photo album with all of Nana's grandchildren is another great idea. Ask everyone to contribute and give her the album when you get together. You can bet she'll have lots of stories to tell! 

Lastly, grandmothers often have accumulated a wealth of culinary know-how. Why not celebrate their presence in your life by spending an afternoon in the kitchen, discovering all the secrets behind her most famous dishes? Passing on all her knowledge will certainly make her very happy! 

No matter how you decide to celebrate Mother's Day this year, stop by our retailers and see our staff for more inspiration and advice. They'll be happy to help!   

P.S. Don’t forget the card and flowers!