The Joy of Giving

The air is getting cooler, neighbourhood streets are slowly lighting up at night, and you can feel the snow coming soon. The advent calendar for the little ones is ready and already you are letting the magic of the upcoming holidays soothe you. This year, we invite you to do things differently; take advantage of this time to reconnect with the joy of giving again.

An Inspiring Atmosphere

Finding the perfect gifts doesn’t have to be stressful. It’s a moment worth cherishing. Make yourself a gourmet mochaccino in the morning light, and play your best Christmas tunes before grabbing a notepad and your favourite pen to make a list of people to whom you want to offer a gift. For each name you write down, set a budget you’re comfortable with. Let your intuition guide you; this way, you’ll be  comfortable with your spending.

Once you’ve made that first list, set it aside and forget about it. Hang up your garlands, decorate the tree, bring out the Christmas decorations and transform your home into a festive haven. A few days later, once you’re settled into a cheerful holiday mood, take out your list and if necessary, adjust what needs to be adjusted. 

Discuss With Your Loved Ones

Then, take the time to contact your loved ones. You can learn more about what inspires them these days and get some ideas. Your nephew may be in the mood for a trendy new toy. Your goddaughter may have recently discovered an interest in baking. Check in and pay attention to what you’re discussing. Your loved ones’ passions are a gold mine to explore and no one is better positioned to let you know what they love. Your photo albums are another great source of inspiration for envisioning what your loved ones would enjoy. Dive into your memories!

A New Tradition

With your mind full of ideas, create a new tradition and go for coffee with your partner or a family member to review and complete your list. A gentle dose of human touch will do you a world of good. It’s also a great time to give each other advice on more sensitive gifts (like for someone you don’t know, for example!) 

These discussions will also allow you to team up with others to offer bigger gifts, come up with original handmade treats (jams or cookies, for example) or agree on what will go in the little ones’ stockings and everyone else’s (a Cominar gift card, perhaps?) You can also discuss what you want to do this year to be more eco-friendly and think about your gift wrapping. Will this be the year you dare to wrap everything in fabric?

By taking the time to share and discuss, you can turn those once stressful Christmas preparations into a genuine celebration. All that’s left to do is to prepare the gifts and enjoy the stars in the eyes of your loved ones.

To reconnect with the magic of the holidays, come and meet our employees and retailers. They are there to help you!