Spring Break Planning Ideas

School’s out, it’s spring break! This year, anything goes. You can go on an adventure halfway around the world or take some time to relax at home. In any case, spring break is also a time to experience new things and get away from it all. Today, we offer you three ways to do just that.

Going on an Adventure… Elsewhere, or Right Here

Gone are the days of staycations – this year, we’re getting back into the great tradition of spring break travel. Whether it’s a trip to Disney World, a visit to Europe with the family, or exploring a new Latin American city with the kids, we’re taking advantage of this vacation week to expand our horizons and step out of our slippers. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

If you prefer to stay in the area, take advantage of this week to discover the program of the Festival Montréal en Lumières and its affiliated festivals. Forget your Wednesday afternoon routine, it’s time to have some real fun!

Not so sure about festivals? Plan a thrill-seeking activity to spice up your week. Whether it’s an escape game, indoor skydiving, or a virtual reality experience, getting a dose of adrenaline will help you get away from it all!

An Eco-friendly Week at Home

Did you make a resolution to go green this year? Why not take advantage of spring break to try and make your own bath products? There are many simple recipes available online, and there’s not much to lose by trying! You could try your hand at home-made deodorant, toothpaste, or moisturizing cream. You'll need essential oils, coconut oil, baking soda, and a few other things to get started. A quick tip: find little jars that will enhance your handmade products and make you eager to use them!

Spring break is also a good time to start planting vegetable seedlings. You read that right! Carrots, leeks, and lettuce can be seeded this early in the year. Then you can cultivate your plants, watch nature take its course with the little ones, and enjoy fresh salads in the early summer.

Regardless of what you decide to explore, discovering new eco-friendly habits will help you keep the whole family busy without burning out, and learn a really interesting thing or two along the way.

Spring Break Olympics

Is your family the high-energy type? Get their competitive spirits going with your very own Spring Break Olympic Games. The concept is simple; every day brings a new event. Introduce the competition on Monday morning and announce the week’s different events so family members can start thinking about how they’re going to tackle them… or be mischievous and unveil them on the same day!

Your Games could include puzzle races, a scavenger hunt, a building contest (the first person to build something as tall as they are with items from the house), the best TikTok dance (with the other participants as judges), a tongue-twister contest, etc.

After each event, award points (4 points to the first place, 1 point to the last) and at the end of the week, add them up to determine the winners. Organize a small awards ceremony by creating a podium on the stairs, hanging some streamers up, and playing a ceremonial tune! For example, you could give a sports gift card to the grand prize winner, reusable water bottles to the 2nd and 3rd runners-up, and treats to all participants. The event will keep kids and adults entertained and everyone’s energy tanks empty, helping them rest better afterwards!