Enjoy your Festive Evenings to the Fullest with this Guide

The holidays bring their share of festive evenings – and this year, we’re accepting all invitations! With our co-workers, our family and friends, we join in the fun, we contribute to gift exchanges, we dress up for the occasion, and most of all, we allow ourselves to enjoy the magic of Christmas to the fullest.

In Professional Mode

The traditional Christmas office dinner… go for it! It’s an opportunity to celebrate as a team and to socialize with your colleagues without all the pressure of everyday work. Think of it as a fun and relaxing time where you have the opportunity to make new connections.

Show interest in people, their families, and their projects. In addition to learning more about the people you work with, the party could lead to some great professional connections. However, be careful not to treat it as a pure networking event: your superiors and colleagues also want to have a good time and aren’t necessarily looking to catch up on the last discussion you had with your client. Stay courteous, mingle, discuss and smile!

To make the most of your evening, space out and limit your alcohol consumption; your conversations will be that much more meaningful. When it comes to your attire, dare to wear a festive accessory or enhance your makeup, but consider your outfit as if you were going to the office; something more sober will always be appropriate.

With Friends

A night out with friends is the perfect time to rock your most festive outfit ever! Bring out the sequins, velvet and fur, and meet your friends for a drink or a meal to celebrate and relax.

The holiday season is all about taking care of your loved ones, so honour your friends and plan your day so that you arrive on time. Leave your phone at the door or agree on a few rules about its use beforehand; everyone will enjoy the evening much more. 

Love taking pictures? Why not indulge in nostalgia and get a disposable camera that can be passed from one person to another during the evening? You can then create and offer an original souvenir album for everyone who was present.

If you still prefer today’s technology, cell phones could be allowed for taking pictures, for example. Of course, this comes with a duty to share photos and a right of veto from friends on images that will be shared online. 

With Family

As a family, we get all decked out! You are being hosted for Christmas, after all! A golden rule to follow: bring a gift to your host. A hand soap, homemade sweet treats, or a bottle of wine will be perfectly adequate. But avoid items that would require the host to handle right away (a bouquet of flowers without a vase, for example). They already have a lot going on!

Don’t forget to offer some help. Maybe your mother-in-law forgot something and needs to run to the store; or maybe guests’ glasses need to be refilled. Offer, but don’t insist! If you are told that everything is fine, then your duty as a guest is to go to the living room and enjoy the discussion. 

Finally, bring a pair of indoor shoes; an evening in socks is not very stylish, and your hosts will be very happy to avoid puddles on their floor…

To reconnect with the magic of the holidays, come and meet our employees and retailers. They are there to help you!