1001 Ways to Celebrate Women

Supportive, strong, and resilient - great women are everywhere. We invite you to celebrate women during the entire month and to embrace the creativity of women in your life, whether by discovering new talents in the comfort of your living room or by getting together to share inspiring moments.

Honouring Women’s Work, Here and Elsewhere

Looking for a great book? This month is the perfect time to discover a contemporary author who is making a name for herself on the local literary scene. Dive into the writings of Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette, Mariana Mazza or Geneviève Pettersen, three Quebec-born writers who are worth knowing. For a bit of English craziness, we suggest Caitlin Moran or Sophie Kinsella for a lighter, but oh so satisfying read! 

This March, get the voices of female musical artists in your home. You can find plenty of "made by women" playlists on Spotify (or any other streaming music player), but we invite you to purchase one of their albums to really support their work. Our local suggestions: Ariane Roy with her assertive pop rock and danceable poetic lyrics. Our international suggestion: Ń7ä  with her luxurious psychedelic atmosphere that will transport you elsewhere.

Would you rather relax on the couch, wrapped up in your favourite pajamas? Discover the web series Les Brutes, which takes a look at current issues affecting women and minorities. Accessible and funny, the 20-minute episodes, available via Télé-Québec, will open your eyes to a wide range of topics. On the TV front, Workin’ Moms is a Canadian (CBC) gem of a series that all mothers should tune into right away. Funny, relevant and well made, the series follows two best friends who support each other through the trials of their daily life. You’ll quickly become attached to the main characters! Movie night coming up? Dive into Maggie Gyllenhaal’s touching film The Lost Daughter or watch Mariloup Wolfe’s latest film, entitled Arlette!.

Finally, taking advantage of the month of March to donate to a charity that supports women will always be a classy move. AGIR Outaouais, AFIO and L'Antre-Hulloises all have distinct vocations while sharing a common goal: to improve the lives of women. We invite you to take a few minutes to discover their daily initiatives by visiting their website.

Recognizing and Celebrating Your Life’s Journey

This month is also a great time to get together with your girlfriends to recognize and celebrate each other’s successes. You could challenge yourself to write your autobiography and then share it with each other over a glass of wine or a good meal.

Challenge your friends and family, reserve your seat at your favourite restaurant and get your notebooks and pencils ready! To write your autobiography, you don’t need to rack your brains. Just think about your successes, your proudest moments, the obstacles you’ve encountered throughout your life, and most importantly, how you overcame them. The words will come to you. Your experience is rich and contemplating it will certainly allow you to see your own value, something that we sometimes tend to forget. You are the star of your story, it’s your time to shine!

Pamper Yourself with a Spa Day at Home

Last but not least, an at-home spa day is always a classic! Taking care of yourself is always in order and this month, you certainly deserve an extra dose of pampering and wellness. 

For the ultimate relaxation, enhance your ambiance with elegant pillows and an essential oil diffuser. Prepare your favourite treatments and get out your favourite slippers and robe. A clay mask combined with cucumber slices on your eyes or a polished manicure will do you a world of good. 

And don’t be afraid to make it a group activity and turn your home spa into a shared experience. Invite a few friends over, put together a light menu (a salmon salad and a nice rosé will do just fine) and let yourself float to a truly relaxing spa-like soundtrack.

This month is yours to celebrate the women in your life, any way you like. We hope it lives up to all your ambitions.